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CPM Training

Church Planting Movements CPM Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 I wrote about some initial CPM (Church Planting Movement) training events earlier this year. Those initial activator training sessions were preparing our teams for now. These new training events are happening now across all of our teams in India…

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…a man yelling and praising Satan at the top of his lungs?… at least he’s not lukewarm…
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Do We Love

Love is the Greatest, but do we love enough to share the greatest message in the world? Do we love our neighbors like Jesus does?
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…. if we say we are followers of Jesus, then we can’t be following the teachings of Buddha. Christian means Christ follower, how can you say you follow Jesus AND follow Buddha?
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God’s Immense Love

As she was pulling up to park, she was tempted to not stop because she saw all these people walking (our family). She was wondering what all these people were doing. Then she met me, but most importantly she met God.
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