13,058 Doors Down….

13,058 Door Down…. many to go!

We forgot to update you that we finished knocking on doors in San Luis, AZ a few months ago. We have now focused our efforts on Yuma. There are 8356 households in San Luis, and 4702 households in Somerton. That is 13,058 doors that have been knocked on in less than 2 years. In Yuma, there are 35,344 households, so maybe we can knock off Yuma in the next 2 years? We have finished many streets, but we have many more to go.

Laura crossing off streets that we have finished

We continue to have great conversations. Some nights are better than others. In the more affluent neighborhoods, it seems people are either too busy to answer, or set in their ways, or they feel like they don’t have a need or time to talk with us. In less affluent neighborhoods in general you can really talk to people. Many of them in those neighborhoods are humble. God has a lot to say about this.

Psalm 138:6 NLT – 6 Though the LORD is great, he cares for the humble, but he keeps his distance from the proud.

It really all comes down to EVERYONE recognizing their need for him. If you reject God’s free gift now, you won’t get another chance after you die. It is the most important decision of your life. Choose wisely!

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