Ways to connect with us!

We have two main facets of our work here, and you can read a bit about both below.

Evangelism in Southwest Arizona

For the last three years as a family we have been evangelizing, door-to-door, a few nights a week. We go out for an hour, right before sunset. We have also worked to encourage and equip local churches in evangelism. You can read our story here!

We have knocked on every door in San Luis, AZ (Pop 35,000), Somerton, AZ (pop 17,000), and thousands of doors in Yuma. In 2023, we spent 145 nights knocking on doors.

Reaching the Unreached in South Asia

RUN Global has 180+ indigenous workers evangelizing, discipling others, and leading churches. RUN Global missionaries and their disciples reach over one million with the gospel in 2023, with 3,315 salvations, and 1,128 baptisms.

Ryan works full-time as RUN Global’s Operations Director. Ryan’s sons, Josh, Jakin & Jude have also done some work as interns to develop new electronic systems for better reporting and quality control. 

Just One More Soul

Stories door-to-door

Hear about day to day stories about our lives, and about conversations door-to-door. 

RUN Global

Stories from India/Nepal

Hear about the stories of the work of local missionaries, spreading the gospel in South Asia.

The work we do in South Asia and in Arizona is 100% self supported. It is funded by gifts from people like you, who want to join in what God is doing through us! We would very much appreciate your prayers and support.