Church Planting Movements

CPM Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3

I wrote about some initial CPM (Church Planting Movement) training events earlier this year. Those initial activator training sessions were preparing our teams for now. These new training events are happening now across all of our teams in India and Nepal. Some teams will be conducting Level 1 training soon, others are already conducting Level 2. Level 3 will follow in a few months.

Our 185 or so team members and their disciples run over 900 training groups each week with 1900 Christians getting trained to disciple, teach, start churches etc. These training groups will go for a full year covering a wide variety of Biblical topics. 

One challenge has been to help these people get trained and equipped to start their own T4T (training for trainers) groups. This is the model Jesus had. He had the 12 that went on to train others to train others. That is how you spread the Gospel. If we were relying just on our 185 workers to do this, it would be far less effective. 

These training events are a kickstart to motivate our T4T members to start their own groups. If someone comes to a Level 1 training event but doesn’t start a T4T group, they won’t be invited to Level 2 training and so on.

Please pray for these training events so that the body can be trained and that the whole world will know the name of Jesus.

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