God’s Immense Love

God’s Immense Love, Piercing Hearts

I knocked on a door last night. Sometimes you just don’t know what to expect. The sign on the screen door said something about the house being patrolled by a guns and dogs…. I read the sign because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a no trespassing sign or a no soliciting sign. I respect people’s properties and their request to not be bothered.

A lady answered the door and when I said that I was in the neighborhood praying for people, she came right on out. We started to have a quick conversation. It wasn’t more that a minute with some pleasantries before Armida came home and walked up the sidewalk.

The homeowner (I never did get her name), pointed to Armida and said she really needs prayers and has been going through some really tough times. She wanted prayer for peace, she really needed prayer for everything. I prayed for them both and then started asking questions about their certainty of heaven. I was focusing mostly on Armida and she said that God knows all that she has been through and that God knows her heart.

I went on to explain God’s plan of salvation and His immense love for her. I shared God’s words about how precious she is to Him. He knows her and has known her since before the beginning of time and wants her to know Him.

I learned about more of what is going on. The father of her young son was just released from prison on a technicality and he was supposed to be locked up a long time. She has fears of him and him coming and taking their son. As she was pulling up to park, she was tempted to not stop because she saw all these people walking (our family). She was wondering what all these people were doing. Then she met me, but most importantly she met God.

Armida was soaking up every word I was saying. Every word of God’s truth was piercing her heart. The homeowner was watching and could sense something from Armida that she needed a hug. I just put my arms out and hugged this woman. I held her and kept speaking God’s truth to her and she was just sobbing on my shoulder. She felt God’s love. She felt God’s safety. She felt God’s peace when I hugged her.

At the end of the conversation she was ready to surrender her life to Jesus. She was tired of the fear, the worry, and trying to do things on her own. She prayed with me and surrendered her life to Him. All heaven rejoices when one sinner repents!

Please pray for this little seed, that we can water it and help it grow!

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