El día de los niños

El día de los niños. The Day of the Children.

In the US we celebrate Mother’s day, Father’s day and many other noteworthy events. Mexico has those days too, but they also celebrate el día de los niños. They celebrate a day of the children. We have attended the church in Ejido Tabasco, Agua Viva, a few times in the last couple of months, (Easter Story). The pastor let us know that this day was coming and he wanted us to be a part of it. The church was going to use it as a community outreach and get new people through the door.

The plan was to have a block party with lots of games, lots of food, lots of prizes, and lots of fun. This was the draw for the event, but the goal was the gospel! Our kids did a skit for the children and presented the gospel. Our children did great. The kids that came heard the gospel and also had a great time.

While the kids were outside, the adults were inside hearing a message on raising your children for Christ. After getting to know our family, the pastor asked me to share this message. I put together my thoughts on how the parents need to lead by example. The parents need to love God if they want a chance for their kids to love Him too. You can’t lead your children where you are not going.

I shared a message in Spanish!

After putting the message together I translated it into Spanish and did a lot practicing. I was able to deliver the message in Spanish. The people heard and understood. It went well for me, but it wasn’t how I normally like to give a message. I don’t think in Spanish quickly, so I needed to read my notes which isn’t as engaging as being able to look at the audience more. I trust God will use it.

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