India & Nepal Stories

Traveling in Nepal

We have been learning so much about traveling and what you need to do to get from point A to point B. Unfortunately this means that your best intentions and well laid plans don’t always work out. It has been an adventure to say the least….. here is…
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Outreach in Nepal

We have some BIG GOALS and prayer requests for 2020. God is leading us to believe him for bigger things in 2020. We are trusting that he will allow our teams to increase from 12 to 20 and increase our team members from 100 to 400. We…
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Nepali Christmas

We have learned much about Christmas in Nepal; since we are novices at this, I will fill you in on what we have learned. We have befriended the shop owners across from the team house in Kathmandu and we invited them to have celebrate Christmas with us. They…
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Thanksgiving in Nepal

One advantage about being in Nepal is that I am 11 hours and 45 minutes ahead of US Central Time. So, we ate our Thanksgiving Dinner about 5 hours ago (5:00 PM local time), which was 5:15 AM Central. As I write this, your turkey has been in…
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Nepal Travels

We arrived in Kathmandu at around noon on October 7th, but I didn’t stay long. There were some pressing things that Mike Keator and I needed to address at our team site in Biratnagar, so we left the next morning for a short flight to visit the team. …
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Traveling To India

The camper is buttoned up for the winter and we are ready for the next leg of the journey. It takes quite a bit to move our family. With 7 of us and traveling with everything in suitcases (10 total checked bags), we take up some space. We…
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