Traveling to India

Preparing to Leave

The camper is buttoned up for the winter and we are ready for the next leg of the journey.

Camper Covered Up

It takes quite a bit to move our family.  With 7 of us and traveling with everything in suitcases (10 total checked bags), we take up some space.  We completed the next leg our journey on September 30th, traveling to Chicago.  My sister-in-law picked us up from the airport and we all managed to fit in her Odyssey.  

Bags All Packed
Before Leaving to the Airport

Next leg of the journey is a 14.5 hour plane ride to New Delhi. 

The plane ride…. to be honest it was a long flight, but it didn’t really seem like it.  We left at 1:00 PM Central Time and arrived in New Delhi at 1:30 PM the next day.  New Delhi is +10.5 hours ahead of Central time.  So, we arrived about 3:00 AM Central time. 

Plane Ticket

Here are more pictures of getting to Delhi.  PICTURES (Disclaimer: this link requires a Microsoft One Drive account, its free to get one, but just another step for you to do if you don’t have one.)

Arrival in India

Our experience in Delhi was great.  We enjoyed seeing a couple of things.  We really didn’t get out much due to extra rest and recovery from jetlag.  We are about 7500 miles from Minnesota!

Busy India Highway

If you want to take a drive with us around Delhi, take a look.  (VIDEO 2:56)

We did make it out to a couple of stores.  We took our first UBER ride – why not in Delhi? 

Indian Supermarket

Here are more pictures of our time in Delhi.  PICTURES

Indian Church Service

Previously, I shared Ravi Kumar’s testimony.  When we were in Delhi we got the opportunity to meet up.  He also asked me to share at his church.  It was a wonderful experience meeting him and sharing with the church!

Ravi’s Church

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