Nepali Christmas

Kathmandu Christmas

We have learned much about Christmas in Nepal; since we are novices at this, I will fill you in on what we have learned.  We have befriended the shop owners across from the team house in Kathmandu and we invited them to have celebrate Christmas with us.  They were very open to joining us, but she was asking if we have any fun on Christmas.  In years’ past there hasn’t been much activity with our team or any organized party, so we decided to have one this year.  Their daughter was excited to join us for dancing….. we were thinking -dancing?  That typically isn’t a part of a Christmas celebration in the US, but I guess we can do it.

Christmas Group Photo

We were making our plans for Christmas, but then we needed to shift to a different city and we wouldn’t be there on Christmas, so we celebrated early.  The shop owners came, the landlord and his family came and some neighbors too.  

We played some games (musical chairs, bucket game and place the baby Jesus in the manger), we had some great food and some Jesus’ birthday cake for desert.  Great times had by all!

Kathmandu Christmas Celebration

Christmas in Nepalgunj

We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas in Nepalgunj.  We learned that Christmas celebrations DO involve dancing!  We had a church service, I shared a short message, then we ate and celebrated with dancing. 

Nepalgunj Christmas Meal
Christmas in Nepalgunj

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