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We have some BIG GOALS and prayer requests for 2020.  God is leading us to believe him for bigger things in 2020.  We are trusting that he will allow our teams to increase from 12 to 20 and increase our team members from 100 to 400.  We are also believing him to increase our 1st generation churches to 200 or more and to get our 2nd generation churches up to 200 also.

A first generation church is one that gets started from our T4T groups or through other meetings.  These churches can be small house church type, they could be as small as 3-4 people and could be as large as the house can fit.  A second generation church is one that starts from the first generation church.  A third generation would start from the second.  The basic premise is multiplication.  We multiply leaders, churches, locations, etc.  We want to have churches that are actively starting new churches to reach the unreached.

Discovery groups!  One more thing that has been implemented this year is the discovery group model.  Many other church planting movements (CPM’s) use this plan too, so we are not alone.  The basic premise is that you go into a village and look for a person of peace.  This person is someone that isn’t opposed to the Gospel or hearing about Jesus, but they just don’t know Him.  The person of peace is someone that could have great influence in the village and would invite others to the group.  A leader would then come weekly to the village and have the discovery group.  If the person of peace gets saved, they can help lead others in the village to Christ.  We could then start a church! 

Sharing the Gospel

Our method for finding this person of peace was prayer walking the village and doing a drama.  Once in those villages we would draw a crowd and perform the drama.  I would tell a Bible story, then ask for volunteers from the audience to help act it out.  At the end we would present the Gospel using the Evangecube (great tool by the way – check it out).  Afterwards we would see if there was someone we could start a discovery group with, that person of peace.  All the kids had the opportunity to share the Gospel with the Evangecube! 

Our traveling to villages is not always uneventful.  There is opposition.  Spiritual forces are working behind the scenes, good and bad.  In one instance we were on our way to a village.  I was on the back of a motorcycle and Jude was with two gals on the back of a scooter.  We got to the end of the road and the scooter didn’t show up.  We were in an open field area so we could look back and we could see some people gathered on the road.  We drove back and the scooter had gotten a flat tire.  I proceeded to push the scooter back to town, maybe 3km distance, and got it to a shop for fixing.

We then got on our way again and at nearly the same spot that the scooter got a flat originally, it veered off the road and into a pond.  Jeni (the driver) said she didn’t know what happened.  She was going straight, then the next thing she knew she was headed for the pond.  I told her that her scooter must have really wanted to be baptized.

Getting Wet

As we were praying about what this all meant and what God would want us to do, we decided that we should proceed and go to that village.  There were about 50-60 people that heard the Gospel that day.  Interesting too is that in a few villages we did our skit and Gospel presentation right in front of a Hindu temple. 

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