Peace Through God’s Word

A while back Bekah and I(Jude) talked to a young guy named David (Read the story here). We have kept in contact with David and we meet with him whenever possible, usually weekly. One week he was telling us about his friend who is starting to be interested in God. His friend’s name is Oscar. David said that Oscar showed him his goals that day. Some of those goals were, “Start praying. Start reading the bible. Start having a relationship with God.” God is really stirring within Oscar’s heart.

Jude and Jakin with David, waiting for Oscar to show up and receive his Bible.

We told David that we would be praying for him. The next week David texts me saying that Oscar would like a Bible, and he would like to get one for him. He asked how much it costs, and if we could get it for him because he didn’t want his parents to know. We typically give out Bibles, so we ended up giving him the Bible for his friend. So, we met David that night, and David was going to hang out with Oscar that night as well, so we got to meet Oscar. Oscar hadn’t grown up in a religious family, and he is now wanting purpose in life. It was a good time to encourage Oscar to read the Bible and obey God in all areas. Later that week, I texted David, asking how Oscar was doing and if Oscar had been reading his bible. David replied, “Yea. He has. Like a lot “

Has he been reading his Bible? David replied, “Yea. He has. Like a lot ” 😂

” Also the next time we met with David, David was telling us that Oscar has no interest in other books other than the bible, and in fact, for school, Oscar is doing a book report on the bible. David said that Oscar told him, “Ever since I first started reading the bible, I have felt this peace while reading it that I haven’t had anywhere else.”

I think this story is amazing. We have a young man, trying to honor his parents, but they don’t like his steps of faith. They don’t like him sharing his faith. They certainly wouldn’t approve of him buying a Bible for his friend. The picture seems like some shady dealings in a park….. but it was all for a Bible! Praise the Lord ~ Ryan

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