I was living under a rock…

Bekah and I (Jude) knock on a door, and a teenage girl answers the door, we pray for her. By the end of the conversation, there is another person there, a guy named David. He is the same age as I am (16 years old), and we had a great conversation. He is a Christian, and he is the only Christian in his family. His parents do not like it when he shares his faith, and he was very happy to find some other Christians. His girlfriend, who he brought to the Lord, is one of the only other Christians he knows. I was able to deeply encourage him in his faith, and told him to keep sharing his faith, even if his parents do not approve. I was explaining how I love encouraging people because as humans, we get stuck in our own ways and sometimes we don’t want to do God’s way. He said that that was his case, and he was encouraged, saying, “This is really encouraging for me because I have been getting stuck recently with repetitive sin and you come along and encourage me. It’s like I was living under a rock”, meaning that when I came along it was like I lifted the rock, so that he could see the light. 

UPDATE (this story is from September) – Jude and other sons still meet with David to encourage him in his faith. Jude and David text often for mutual encouragement. This has been a huge opportunity to encourage this young man in his faith.

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