Remembering the Peacocks in India


We spent a couple of weeks traveling from Bihar to New Delhi doing some tourist activities.  In one of our stops we saw wildlife that we don’t normally see in the U.S.  In one field near our AirBNB we saw many green parrots.  We also heard some other birds, but we were not familiar with the sounds they were making.  After careful observation we found out that they were peacocks.


The homes in that part of the world are made of concrete.  You may a building that is 3-4 stories tall, and each level could be an individual apartment or flat.  These buildings will have a central square shaft that runs in the center of the building from ground floor to the roof.  The purpose of which is for ventilation.  With concrete buildings and hot, humid air, you need the ventilation!  When we arrived in New Delhi in March and got settled into our flat.  One morning we just getting up and we heard the sound of peacocks.  We were a little startled and curious to know why peacocks would be in urban India.  The sound was traveling down this air shaft but there isn’t any vegetation or green places to be.  When we went to the roof we were surprised to find not one, but 17 peacocks/hens on the rooftops around our flat!

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