Merry Christmas – 2021

Hello dear friends, Merry Christmas!

We hope and pray that this finds you well. We are thankful for you. We launched our work in the fall of 2019 and God has done some amazing things. We are thankful you are a part of our team! 

We pray that God’s abundant blessings will be with you!

The Stahls

Khola Khola Dhoka

In 2019 we spent our first Christmas outside the United States. We made many friends and we learned many things about Christmas in Nepal.

In Nepal that have a strong dance culture. The dancing doesn’t skip Christmas. In the U.S. we have Christmas caroling, but in Nepal, they go door to door with musical instruments, loudspeakers and dancing.

When we were there, many people asked us if we could perform a dance for them. We said no, we don’t dance. But out of love for them, we tried to learn a dance. We did this last year, recorded it, and emailed them a link to the video. We know it isn’t good, but the point was to honor them and to give them a laugh. You can see last year’s video here ->

We weren’t certain if or when we would return to Nepal, so we wanted to be ready. We worked on a new dance and we recently recorded it. The song is called Khola Khola Dhoka. 

The lyrics in English go like this.

Khola, Khola Dhoka. kholdainau kina ni prabhu aae timilaai muktidaan dina ni
Open, open the door. The door doesn’t open because the Lord is coming to bring Salvation.

The rest of the lyrics are posted in the video info on YouTube.

Merry Christmas and Enjoy!

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