November 2021 – Somerton

Raul – When we go out, we drive to our location, then we pray in the van before exiting. As I was praying that day I said, God you can move people and bring people to where you need them to hear your message. I also said I was excited to see what God was going to do that day. Raul was outside trying to change a wiper on his truck. I asked if I could pray for him and he first said that his wife prays all the time. He then said it couldn’t hurt, so go ahead and pray. 

While Raul and I were talking, his wife had come out for a brief moment, but went back inside. She had been praying for God to send someone to help and pray for her husband… and here I was. She said she had a feeling that God had sent me. I certainly know God sent me! 

His wife joined the conversation and we talked for quite a while. I found out his story of walking away from God due to some bad experiences in church. He had some major walls up. My family walked by and met Raul and his wife too. Raul asked if we could do a Bible study with them.

We came back 3 days later and walked through the Gospel again and shared our heart and guidelines for future meetings. During our meeting though, a wall broke down. You could see the change in his face. He went from disinterest to I am going to start reading and I plan to share the Gospel 2-3 times before we meet again. God gave him a taste of his goodness once again!

You can pray for our future meetings and that Raul and his wife would not only listen to God’s word, but obey it.

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