Escondido Outreach Update

Mission Escondido?

We have had some great opportunities to reach out in Escondido.  We are in the neighborhoods knocking on doors starting with prayer, but ending with the Gospel.  I just needed to order some more tracts since our initial order of 4000 was depleted.

We have been reaching and sharing with many Hispanics.  This city is over 50% Hispanic which isn’t surprising due to its close proximity to Mexico.  I have been able to engage slightly with my broken Spanish.  My wife and some of my children are doing much better.  Yo necesito mucho practicar mi Espaῆol.

We have also had the opportunity to connect with a local Spanish church and we are encouraged by their hearts to reach Escondido too.  We look forward to seeing how we can work together for the Lord!

Life Changed!

Kimberly and Josh and Jakin

During our outreach a month or so back.  This woman Kimberly was very interested in the Gospel.  Our sons returned to give her a Bible and to walk through the Gospel with her.  Her heart was changed and she became a believer!  Praise the Lord!

That very day, my wife Laura called and said, “Ryan, start filling the baptismal!”.  Kimberly got baptized that very day!  It is very cool to see!

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