2nd COVID Wave in India

COVID 2nd Wave Hits South Asia!

Our many friends in South Asia have been impacted by the second wave of COVID to hit their countries.  What is striking is that India had a rather high percentage of their population with the antibodies, but that didn’t slow this latest wave.  Oxygen shortages and crematory backlogs along with lockdowns, no jobs, no money and increased food costs.  Lord come soon!

Here is short video a friend sent from India.  It shows the burning of bodies in an open field near a major city.

Burning Bodies

These are desperate times for sure.  Our teams are still working to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  That is the only lasting hope in this world, because it is a hope placed on the reality of the next life with Jesus!

Hands and Feet of Christ!

Our family has been in contact with our team leaders in India.  One leader made us aware that there were 15-20 neighbors that were starving around him.  We sent him some money so that he could buy food to give them.  This small act of kindness and compassion, opened the hearts of one family and they prayed to receive Christ.  Our team leader has now formed a small church in their home. 

Small Church Formed
Supplying a Bible and Food

Here is the story.  

My name is Sumit Gaur and my position is very bad in this lockdown.  I do not have a single penny and there is no food. I met Pastor Suneet, who was very kind. He did a great job for me and he also gave me dal rice, rasa, flour, rice, wheat and Bible so that I could nurture my family.  He also gave some money so that we could buy vegetables and bring them into my family.

Can you pray for me? I gamble and drink alcohol.  Pray that I can change all these wrong things.  Pray that I can be changed and can go on the good ways of God.  My circumstances are such that I cannot do anything.  But God can do everything. God showed me the right path so that I could be saved. Thank you so much for that gift for my family needs I am thankful to those who is donated to me.

A family received Christ, God opened their hearts with a Bible and about $15 worth of food. What is the price of a soul?  You can feed a family of four on about $1 per day.  Wouldn’t you say that this is a good investment in God’s Kingdom?  Things are desperate, but our 250 team members are there working to share the Love of Christ with them!

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