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Next Teams in South Asia?

Our team leaders in Tikapur, Nepal have been praying about starting a new team site along the East/West Highway in Nepal.  This highway is strategic because it runs the entire length of Nepal and there are many large cities are along the route. 

Recently the leaders took a trip to a potential city to scope things out.  Opening a team site has several steps.  First, the target city must be a large enough population center.  It costs about $4000 to startup a team, plus the ongoing costs of rent/food/utilities etc.  We want to make sure there are enough people to make the costs worth it.

Tikapur Team Members

Another step is meeting with the local pastors and asking permission to train their believers inT4T. If we don’t have support of the local pastors, it will be difficult to train the body of believers in T4T and reach the area for Christ.

We also need great leadership for this new team.  The leaders have typically been with us for many years and may have had some leadership experience before.  Many teams have two leaders, then one of them splits off to start a new team.

Our Surkhet team has also been praying about starting a new location.  They recently reached their target city and have been finding candidates to join our team.  Below is a photo of our Surkhet team leader out in the streets, sharing the Gospel.

Surkhet Team Leader Sharing the Gospel

Persecution in India

On 15 July 2021, one of our India team members was outreaching in a village.  He was surrounded by some young radical Hindu men who locked him in a room.  They stole his wallet, his Bible and beat him up.  They used the money to buy wine and to get drunk and proceeded to read from the Bible and mock him. After three hours of harassment and ridicule they released him.  They warned him if they saw him in the area again, they would cut him up.

Our team member is fine and he was out the very next day doing ministry as usual.

God is doing a great work in India right now.  Please be praying that the Gospel message will continue to break down walls and many people will be saved!

Our Teams Overseas ~ Updates!

We are greatly encouraged by the work our teams are doing overseas.  They are sharing the Gospel every day and training other Christians to reach their nation for Christ.  

We currently have 275 workers at 24 team sites and we are interviewing more candidates every week.

We also have 17,000 Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus in our weekly Discovery Bible Studies.  In the month of July our team members started 125 churches and led a total of 550.

We have also had numerous salvations and over 120 Baptisms!  

Praise God for his great work!

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