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Mosquito Nets

A few months ago, we did an appeal for mosquito nets. Here is the wording from that appeal.

Every year mosquitos are a real problem in Nepal and India, especially from May to October. But now with COVID cases rising again in these areas the danger is even greater. Imagine getting a mosquito bite that transmits disease like dengue fever and malaria while fighting COVID!

The insects are especially active at night, so people in these unreached communities must check their nets every night before bed, if they have one, mending even the smallest holes, because tiny mosquitos will get through.

Tiny Mosquito

I can tell you first hand of my experience with mosquitos. They have large, Minnesota variety mosquitos there. But they also have these super small, hard to hear variety that will bite the heck out of you. This happened to me. Sleep was restless to say the very least.

Here is a good story from Nepal. 

One of our team members, Chandani, gave a mosquito net to this man in a village. She was able to start a Discovery Bible Study with him and his family. Through the group he was able to know the true story of about Jesus. He has accepted Christ and now Chandani is helping him to grow in the Lord!

Giving Mosquito Nets

There are many more stories of widows and families that could not afford a net and hadn’t gotten any good sleep. Many people heard about the Lord from this simple gift of a net.

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