RUN Global Emergency Update

It’s Been a While…

I hope and pray that you are doing well! We have had a busy summer so far. We traveled almost the whole month of June. 

I have been extremely busy working on growing RUN Global. It is important that I share a very important message from Mike Keator and me.

This message went out to the RUN Global newsletter. I realize that many of you don’t receive it, so I want you to hear what is happening! 

Please be praying for RUN Global!

Message From Mike Keator

You’re well aware that inflation is on the rise. But in India and Nepal—the countries where we minister—fuel and food prices are also surging. Inflation has a greater impact on people living in poverty. There’s just no room in already thin budgets for soaring prices.

As a result, our native missionaries have contacted us asking for an increased gas allowance to travel by motorbike to neighboring villages to share the gospel. But I simply don’t have the extra funds to give them. That’s why your critical support is urgently needed!

As recently emailed, RUN Global’s in a financial crisis. Our ministry expenses have doubled, but we’re only bringing in half of what we need each month.

On top of that, we’re quickly burning through the last of our financial buffer. Will you give to help during this urgent time of need?

Personally, I’ve reduced my salary by $1,000 a month so we can continue paying our missionaries and keep our training centers open. But this still won’t be enough to fully fill the gap.

But in spite of the challenges, my faith is firm that through your partnership—and the power of God’s Spirit—we’ll see the good news advance throughout India and Nepal!

Your partners in changing the world,

Mike & Su Keator

P.S. We’re quickly burning through our financial buffer. Please respond with a gift today!

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