Can you pray a blessing on my car?

As we drove onto a street to park, a woman named Rita was in her drive way with her husband. She was looking at us as we parked, so I (Ryan) waved. My family usually assigns me the task of speaking to anyone outside. I tend to do really well at just walking up and starting a conversation.

She was looking at us because she had seen us the night before walking to her neighbors and wondered what we were up to. I told her we were praying for people and she asked me to pray over her new vehicle. She wanted me to pray a blessing on it. It took me a second to understand her Spanish, but I finally understood what she wanted me to do.

I encouraged her in her faith and left her with some Bible verses to look up. She then said in Spanish that she has a big Bible, but doesn’t know how to look up verses. I told her I could help her so she went in an got her huge, Spanish, Catholic Bible. I proceeded to flip through the front of the Bible, past the picture of Pope John Paul II to find the index to show her where to go. She got it! I then told her that the Bible is God’s words for us. He wants to speak to us! I pray that God speaks to her through His word!

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