You Don’t Just Wake Up and Decide to Do This!

You Don’t Just Wake Up and Decide to Do This!

Jakin and I (Ryan) were paired up this night. Typically, I am solo, with the rest of the family in pairs. Seven family members don’t divide evenly by two! Laura was out of town and two of our kids were at a church youth group. I have had a reputation for getting in to LONG conversations. Jakin jokingly said it would be neat to be a part of one of those.

The first house we went to, there was a lady outside smoking. There was a gate across her driveway so we were talking to her about 20′ away. She asked what we were doing and all about. She said, “no one just gets up in the morning and decides to go knock on doors.” I said, “we do; this is really fun for us!”

She had many questions and when it came down to it, she had been baptized in a Baptist church many years ago. She doesn’t currently attend a church and had many misconceptions on God and his plans shown through the Bible.

We were able to point her back to scripture and the truth of His word. We discussed the 10 commandments and how they can be used as a mirror to reflect who we really are. I asked her how she has been doing in following those commandments.

When I asked her if she had ever murdered someone, she said no. But I then told her Jesus said that if you are ever angry, that is murder in your heart. God’s standard is perfection. She questioned us as to where that was in the Bible. I started looking it up and while I was looking, her husband, who doesn’t believe in God, found the verse and showed it to her. She was surprised to see it.

In the end, she thanked us and we prayed for her. We handed her a sheet of verses. She also told us that she was impacted by two things. 1. Seeing a father and son out sharing the Gospel and the way Jakin was looking at me intently as I shared. 2. That we were in the neighborhood representing God, that we just came and asked to pray for her.

She had told us most church people come by with the sole intention of inviting you to their church. In her mind it is too much of a sales pitch. I had already told her that I wasn’t there to invite her to church. I said I don’t care what Bible believing church you go to (Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, Apostolic, Pentecostal…), I just wanted her to go after her relationship with God.

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