I have a purpose here….

Grace and I (Laura) went up to house of a Mexican Christian lady, Lily, who quickly agreed to prayer and brought her 3 beautiful daughters out to pray for them. Two of them were struggling with depression and thoughts of killing themselves. The one girl, Nicole, was 12yrs old and had completely lifeless eyes and had to be coerced into going to school each day.

The other girl, Claire, was 30yrs old, had a successful job in Phoenix, and just the week before had decided she was going to kill herself. Even though she is extremely fearful of dying, the pain of this life is too much for her. Everything seems fake and without purpose to her. We prayed for the two girls, and talked about fears, drawing close to God, and steps of faith they can take.

The older girl was in tears for half the time, and a big smile on her face the other half. She gave me the biggest hug and said, “You are an angel sent by God. Seriously, God sent you as an angel to help me. I was going to kill myself this week, but now I see that I have a purpose here. I need to be spending a whole lot more time with the Lord as my first step.”

These girls shared about how many young people are struggling right now – in the schools and in the workplaces. Please pray for the youth. Please also be praying for Claire and Nicole. We are planning to follow up with them.

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