Bad Dreams

Grace and I (Jakin) met a Catholic man named Hazel. He told us he isn’t very involved in his faith. I was able to encourage him to spend time with God by reading the Bible. I told him that most people would rather spend time watching something on TV or doing something else fun than read the Bible. He agreed with that. He was very open to what I said and even admitted that he was in that boat, that he would rather do something else than read the Bible.

At one point in the conversation, Hazel told me that it was strange that I was there talking to him because he had been having some bad dreams lately. In these dreams, he is opposite of God and is being reminded of his past sins. A coworker of his told Hazel that he needs to seek God. Hazel told me that he just doesn’t have time. Hazel and I both agreed that God had allowed this conversation to take place.

I am very thankful that God used me to talk to Hazel. I told him that God must be the most important in our life, higher than work, family, and all the other things our sinful flesh craves to do. If we don’t follow his way, we won’t find satisfaction or happiness in anything we do. I encouraged Hazel that God will give him the strength he needs if he would only give up his life.

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