Jesse and The Bridge Diagram

Jesse’s Home – Stepping Through the Bridge Diagram

The day after I met Jesse (see story here), I texted him to confirm when we would be meeting. He said 5:30 would work for him. He then said that his little brother would be joining him. He said I believe your son talked to him the other day and is really interested in learning also.

I then asked him what his brother’s name was. He replied, “Josue.”

This is the same Josue (see story here) that Jude and Rebekah talked with a few days earlier. They were both hungry and were both very open to the Gospel. Brothers, living a couple of blocks away from each other, both wanting God!

Jude and I showed up that night to meet up with Jessie and Josue. I had just given Jesse a Bible the night before and he had read 16 chapters from the book of John overnight. Talk about eagerness. Jude and I stepped them through the bridge diagram and explained about God, about our condition and how Christ solves our disconnect from God.

During our discussion, Jesse was bringing up many things that he had just read in John. The truth was sinking into his soul. At the end I asked if they wanted to commit their lives to Christ and they both said yes.

Jude, Jesse, & Josue and the RING doorbell!

“I NEVER answer the door through my phone!”well that night, he did!

After they made their decision to follow Christ, we talked about coming back weekly to continue the Bible study. Jesse mentioned that his brother Josue is never home and the fact that Jude met him in the driveway taking out the trash was strange. Jesse also mentioned that he NEVER answers the door through his phone, but the night I came to the door, he did. That is all God! He was working mightily through all of it.

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