At the Bihar Police Station

My Visit with the Head of Police

As required in the state of Bihar, if you stay in the state more than 15 days you need to report to the police station and register your presence with them.  I went with my friend to the police station with all seven passports for a talk with the head of police.  As we were walking into the station there was a large group of people outside, talking, taking video and pictures.  We walked past them, waved and proceeded into the station.  We went from room to room looking for the person we needed to talk to.  We then found the head of police in Forbesgunj.  We sat down on some nice padded chairs and spoke with him.  The man had a humble posture and asked questions to why we were there, how long we would stay, etc.  We explained that we were visiting friends and learning language and culture.  My friend asked some direct questions back like “they have a visa to India, why do you even ask these questions.”  Anyway, the Head of Police finished examining passports and ended his questions but asked that we bring passport copies back to the station.  At this time, 6-7 people that were outside when we arrived came right into the office.  One man sat down and started asking me questions.  I had no idea who he was or why he was asking me questions.  I was just answering as best I could.  He asked if I was there from University to study a famous author from Forbesgunj.  I had no idea what he was talking about, then he mentioned that there was a group coming to study this author, but didn’t know when they were coming.  It was weird to say the least.  We then went outside and the group followed us, proceed to ask to ask the same questions about this author, while getting it all on video.  I had three cell phones in my face recording what I was saying.  It was a little surreal.  I still don’t know what is going on.  After that these guys were taking photos, selfies, and asking me to pose on a motorcycle.  My friend told these people not to post the video anywhere etc., but I am still clueless as to what just happened.  I just smiled and waved….

Local News

After my humorous and confusing trip to the police station, I was retelling the story to my friend’s dad.  We were all laughing about how silly it was etc.  My friend then proceeded to tell me that those people that were asking me all those questions, happened to be members of the local media.  So I just happened to show up at the police station when the media was there.  Let me tell you, there aren’t many, if any, people with our skin color, that come to this area.  So that is big news! 

The next day….newspaper…..

Me in the Newspaper

So after this newspaper article I have been stopped and recognized as being that engineer from MN.  I was at the fruit stand a couple of days after this and they guy asked my name and I told him, he then said “you are that engineer from MN.”  It is pretty funny.

Below is my friend reading the article in Hindi and explaining what it said in English!  Enjoy!

In the News

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