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We Are on the Move and We Want to Meet with You!

Hello all, we are currently on the move towards Minnesota and beyond.  We would love to meet with you if you would love to meet with us!

God is doing a mighty work in our midst and we have a wonderful opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission in our lifetime!  We would love to encourage you and let you know about the work in South Asia.

If our family can be of service to your church, please let us know.  Our family of seven would love the opportunity to help evangelize or advertise your church.  We could even help with some service projects.  

Let us know where you are and we might be able to come to you!  If we can’t meet in person – we can certainly do a video call!  Please let us know!

At a Rest Stop

Current Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Departing here on June 1st or 2nd.

We will travel through Ohio & Indiana before stopping in Chicago for a few days.
Then on through Wisconsin to Minnesota.

We don’t have a rigid schedule and since we are pulling our home, WE CAN STOP ANYWHERE!  If you would like us to stop – we would love that.  Even if it is for a few hours to meet and greet!

We will stay in Minnesota for the better part of June maybe longer, but plan to make trips to North Dakota, South Dakota and elsewhere?

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