Merry Christmas – Dance Video

Merry Christmas!

Last year at this time we were in Nepal enjoying Christmas with them.  Christmas there was quite different than what we are normally used to doing.  They like to dance on Christmas. 

You can look at the Christmas Video from last year.

Last Year’s Christmas Video

Dancing in Nepal is a very important part of the culture.  They sing and dance at all important events, especially at Christmas.  When we were over there, the people kept asking us if we had a dance or skit for them.  Especially at Christmas they were very disappointed when we didn’t have anything to perform on the stage before their churches. The whole church gets together and dances with loud speakers blasting on Christmas day.   When we said that nobody dances during Christmas in America, they looked at us in pity, thinking that none of us had any fun.

You know that I am not a dancer.  You know that our family are not dancers.  But we thought the only way to get better at dancing is to start the painful process and try it.  Yes, there were tears from many while practicing this.  I even had sore hip sockets!  We made this video to not only send to the Nepalis for Christmas, but for you too!  We’re still not good.  But, if it invokes some Christmas smiles, then that is the present in itself!

We assume that our Nepali friends will be rolling on the floor laughing, but we hope they will be honored!

This is a Christmas Nepali Song that many people will dance to during Christmas.  They actually do Christmas caroling with this song.  They play it over and over 100 times over the course of a few weeks.  The song says to put everything aside, come warm yourselves by the fire, Christmas has come to your backyard.   You’ll see in the dance us pretending to come and warm by the fire.  We say the words brrrrr for cold.  They use the words achuuchhuuu.

We present to you – Christmas Bada Din!

Dancing to a Nepali Christmas Song

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