November 2021 – Somerton

Daniel – Laura and Bekah met him recently. After talking for a while, he shared his testimony. A year and a half ago he needed a surgery. The doctors only gave him a 10% chance of survival. During the operation he either died or had a vision where these evil spirits were surrounding him. These spirits were trying to take him away. It was a terrifying experience for him. In this vision there was also a man in white, but he couldn’t see his face. This man in white said no, put his hand down and said it is not his time.

Daniel went to several churches asking pastors what this vision meant. No one could tell him. My wife, in all boldness, shared that God has given him a glimpse into the reality of eternity without Christ. God has shown him what his future would have been. Laura encouraged him and implored him to share his story and point people to Jesus.

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